Witches Rock Canopy Tour

Another great place to go in Guanacaste is Witches Rock Canopy Tour. This is also an activity for all ages. It is by far, one of my top two favorite places in Costa Rica. It is about an hour away, near Playa Hermosa and it costs $105 per person. Here, the zip lining is superb, and a gopro is highly recommended (don’t worry about the gopro attachments because they have them on most of the helmets). Although many of the platforms are in terrifying places, they are very sturdy and since the heavy-duty harnesses have two hooks, you are always attached to a platform or rail, so this activity is completely safe.

On the other hand, the instructors are very kind. They had backpacks on in which had water bottles in them for in the middle of the tour and at the end, when they took us back up to the lodge area in a bus (which was included in the tour). There is a cafe and a gift shop, too. We also recommend long pants, lots of insect repellent, and sunscreen. Overall, this was a much enjoyed experience and I recommend it to everyone who visits the area.

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