Playa Flamingo

One of the beaches a little bit further away is Playa Flamingo. It has very, very large waves during high tide, and they are not much smaller during low tide. The waves crash very close to the shore. It was very fun for us because we enjoyed jumping around in the white foam right on the shore. One of the best parts at this beach was when our parents were trying to take a picture of us with a crashing wave behind us. Because of the tide patterns, the first wave would reach us just before the next one about to crash behind us, and the wave would knock us over right at the same time the next wave curled and crashed, therefor, the moment of the picture. One minute you’re vertical, there smiling at the camera with your back to the waves, the next you’re horizontal, covered with sand, and choking on salt water because you’re laughing so hard.

On the other hand, it’s a beautiful beach with a great view and soft sand. You can spend an entire day there swimming past the surf during low tide, having a picnic, or “taking pictures,” like us.

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