Cabo Blanco and Ara Project

We also went to Cabo Blanco Natural Reserve, which was a 6 hour drive, crossing many streams and rivers on dirt roads. This was difficult and is not recommended during the wet season because the rivers swell and become impossible to cross. Do not do this unless you have a four-wheel-drive. It was a very fun experience, with beautiful hikes leading to the beaches, and many outlooks of the ocean and the island on the peninsula.

On the way there, we stopped at The Ara Project. This is an organization that breeds and houses Great Green and Scarlet Macaws, both of which are heavily endangered mainly due to deforestation, poaching, and the harvesting of the Mountain Almond Tree, which is needed for the Great Green Macaws to feed and breed. Now, the harvesting of this tree is illegal, but people still do it because they aren’t getting caught. We had a tour around the site, and saw the Great Green Macaws in a large outdoor aviary, and watched the Scarlet Macaws eat right in front of us. The Scarlet Macaws were released there, so they live in a small area around the site. I loved the visiting the Ara Project and thought it was very fascinating.

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